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Why Should You Be Aware Of Sleep Apnea?

Did you know that 1 in 3 Singaporeans suffer from sleep apnea and 80% of them are undiagnosed? Yvonne Loo discusses with Nici what Obstructive Sleep Apnea is and why people should be more aware of this condition.


2020 had been a tough year for all of us, and we at The Air Station by Easmed, are still grateful that despite all, we have managed to continuously provide our service to our healthcare sectors.

As part of our giving back initiatives, we wanted to reach out to everyone to create awareness on Sleep Apnea, as well as assist and support where we can. We understand that sleep is one of our basic needs in order to keep ourselves healthy and with this initiative, we wish to help more people sleep better.

10 years in this business, we have accumulated some CPAPs and BiPAPs machine* that are still good to use but not updated for us to sell, hence we have decided to let these machines be useful to other people.

If you are suffering from Sleep Apnea or know someone who is but have no means to purchase their own machine, allow us to help. Below is a short form that you can fill in to let us know more about your need and how we can help. You may also help complete the form for someone else.

*CPAP / BiPAP machines are preloved items that are still functioning well but have passed preventive maintenance cover.

Click on this link for the form:


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