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The Apnea Screener is a simple, yet insightful test to monitor your sleep right from your finger. It offers continuous oxygen and pulse monitoring during your sleep, so not a minute is missed. Do the test for three nights, then send it back for your personalised sleep screening report.


All you need to do is to put it on and go to sleep.

What is The Apnea Screener Kit?

The Apnea Screener Kit detects early signs of sleep apnea by monitoring oxygen levels and pulse rate overnight.


It offers a clear, straightforward assessment, providing initial insights and recommendations to improve your sleep health and supports further medical evaluations.

the apnea screener

What the screening kit offers

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Wear. Sleep. Send Back.

Easy 3-nights tracking for a deeper sleep insight.

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Insightful Sleep Monitoring

Monitors oxygen and pulse to detect sleep disturbances and how they relate to your sleep health.

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Clear Steps for Better Sleep

Receive a report with your sleep stats and clear advice for improving sleep quality.

If you or someone you know snores or suspects they might have sleep apnea, the Apnea Screener Kit offers a convenient way to gain objective insights. 

Who should consider The Apnea Screener

The Apnea Screener is a perfect test for anyone with irregular sleep patterns or who wants clearer insights into their sleep health. It's particularly useful for those experiencing snoring, frequent nighttime awakenings, or daytime fatigue.

Suspected Sleep Apnea: If you snore loudly or wake up gasping, the Apnea Screener Kit can reveal whether further testing is needed.

Daytime Fatigue: Feeling tired despite a "full night's sleep"? The kit may uncover sleep interruptions or poor quality.

Chronic Health Conditions: For those with hypertension, diabetes, or obesity, the kit identifies potential sleep disruptions for better health insights.

Proactive Health Monitoring: Curious about your sleep patterns? The kit provides accurate data that can highlight emerging issues.

Whether you're wondering about sleep apnea, have a chronic condition like hypertension, or just want to understand your sleep quality better, The Apnea Screener provides valuable data on overnight SpO2 levels and pulse rate, guiding you towards improved sleep health.

Simple & Straightforward.

1 The Apnea Screener Kit will be delivered to your doorstep.

2 Wear the screener to sleep for 3 nights.

3 We will pick-up the screener kit from you on collection day.

4 You will receive your screening report in 7 working days.

Get Your Kit Now for Healthier, Restful Sleep

Regular price $118


Till 30 June 2024

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