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Circadian Health for everyone!
95% of the world’s population experiences health problems and 60% has difficulties with sleep*.

Half Measures

Generic solutions and sleep/health trackers gather information on how you are doing, rather than help you get where you want to be.

Overlooking Fundamentals

Your body’s biological foundation, the circadian rhythm, is overlooked. Yet, it is the key mechanism behind your sleep and health results.

AYO is Different

Your best sleep and health results start with you. AYO helps you use your own biology to achieve your goals.

*According to The Lancet and the National Sleep Foundation.

Understanding and supporting your circadian rhythm gives results

Our 5-year research showed us that people who understood and actively supported their circadian rhythm reached their sleep, energy and health goals more quickly and easily.

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Improve Your Circadian Health.

See how well your lifestyle is aligned with your circadian rhythm. Optimize your sleep dept and circadian misalignment to ensure your brain and body are at their best.

Know Your Body Clock.

Get science-based insights about your natural rhythm and find out where you are in your daily cycle. For a healthier, happier and more active life, follow personal recommendations for wake-up and bedtime, mealtimes, physical & mental activities, and more.

Get Personalized Recommendations.

Whether it’s a sleep, energy or health goal you want to achieve, AYO has you covered! Follow a personalized program containing actionable advice, coupled with AYO light sessions to achieve real and lasting results.

Feel Revitalized.

Just like air, water and food, light is vital for your health. AYO provides you with a healthy and beneficial light when your body needs it the most. In addition, get guidance on daylight and artificial light exposure through the day to keep your circadian rhythm in sync.

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Smart Design

Button-free, sleek and elegant design. Enjoy AYO at home, in the office, or on the go. Made with premium materials, portable and fully foldable for your convenience. Comes with a dedicated protective case.

Health and Wellness Coach in an APP

It’s easy to achieve your health & wellness goals with AYO’s companion app. It brings the latest knowledge and insights about Circadian Health to help you make the most out of your day and night.
Understand your natural rhythm, sleep and activity like you never did before.

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State of the art light therapy

Experience short but impactful sessions, glare-free and easy on the eyes. Our technology features proprietary diffusion system, ensuring effectiveness and efficacy. Rest easy knowing AYO is certified for photobiological safety IEC 62471.

Award winning design

AYO’s award-winning design and our product philosophy made it possible for you to wear AYO as little as 20 minutes per day to achieve your health and wellness goals. Enjoy long-lasting benefits with our natural and holistic approach.

AYO is as Light as a feather at 31 grams, you will not even notice it on your head. AYO features impressively slim and non-slip construction. The frame is small and lightweight, making it suitable for spectacle wearers. The adjustable nosepiece allows for a perfect fit.



Numerous clinical studies and over 20 years of Chronobiology and Light Therapy research performed in leading institutions, including Harvard, Oxford and NASA, have shown that we can actively support our circadian rhythm in order to obtain healthier, happier and more active lives. These disciplines and insights are the cornerstone of Circadian Health.

Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms, variations of the timing and duration of biological activity in living organisms. At the center of chronobiology research is the circadian rhythm and the human 24-hour circadian clock located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain. This biological clock controls most of the brain and body functions including sleep, energy, mood, performance, metabolism, and the immune system. AYO is working on translating chronobiology clinical research into practical applications.

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a treatment in which you’re exposed to a special artificial light source. While it might sound like a wellness fad, it is a widely-used and recognized method backed by thousands of peer-reviewed articles and studies. The clinical consensus is that blue light treatment is generally safe and effective in resetting the human circadian rhythm with numerous health benefits. AYO is an innovation leader in personalized blue light therapy.

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