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Restore Natural Sleep Patterns and Optimise Sleep with SleepHub®

The Science

Using neuroscience and sound technology, SleepHub® trains the brain to sleep optimally and is backed by over 10 years of scientific research, development and trials.

Optimise sleep

SleepHub is a ground breaking sleep aid that improves your natural sleeping patterns to give you the best possible rest as a sleep optimisation solution for everyone.


At SleepHub, this is at the forefront of our device to help sleep improvement, ensuring everyonehas the best chance of finding complete relaxation, stress-relief, and comfort.

The science of SleepHub® - explained

Normal sleep cycles should always appear in a specific sequence, however poor sleep habits, lifestyle factors and other circumstances can disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. Over time, your brain can forget the correct sequence and this is where difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep can take hold.

SleepHub® works by playing pure tones that we call ‘sleep sounds’. These are psychoacoustic sounds with sinusoidal waveforms to be exact! Exclusive to SleepHub®, sleep sounds emulate the waves created by the brain during sleep cycles to help you fall asleep and improve your quality of sleep. SleepHub® sleep sounds will guide your brain through the sequence of healthy sleep cycles, so you get the quality of sleep you need in a consistent and optimal way.

Regular and repeated use of your SleepHub® will help to retrain your brain to produce the right sleep sequence and restore sleeping patterns naturally.

SleepHub Works?

Sleep Train your brain

Scientific sounds

Positioned beside you as you sleep, SleepHub’s® high-quality audio speakers play scientifically developed sound waves. The sleep sounds emulate brain activity that occurs during healthy sleep cycles.

Brain retrains

SleepHub® sleep sounds will help you fall asleep and guide you through natural sleep patterns, improving sleep quality and correcting poor sleep habits.

Practice makes perfect

Regular and repeated use of your SleepHub® will help to retrain your brain to produce the right sleep sequence and restore sleeping patterns naturally.

Sleep is optimised

Good sleep, over time, is very powerful. Reaching a level of optimised sleep will not only bring a wealth of wellbeing benefits to your everyday life, but cognitive and physical health benefits too.

ExplorE Sleephub

Sleep better with SleepHub today! 


Clinical trial of SleepHub®

As part of its development, SleepHub® was tested with a cohort of individuals who had been experiencing established insomnia for a period longer than three months, and who were not taking sleep medication. The positive responses from this trial provided evidence using a validated patient reported outcome tool, the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) that SleepHub® can re-train the brain to revert to natural sleep patterns. Some of the results from this study are:



saw a positive sleep improvement with an average per night.



minutes more time asleep.



minutes less time awake.



reduction in number of times waking up.

The story of how SleepHub® came to be

The SleepHub® journey began by looking for a ‘non-drug’ based cognitive enhancer to help students improve learning and increase their intellect and lucidity.

We knew that certain types of music can have a powerful effect on a listener’s mood so we explored why that was and what music – if any – could help with our project. Once we had found certain musical passages, we then investigated further into what, in particular, was having the effects we were seeing.

From there, we realised that – through sound alone – we could change an individual’s ‘state’, such as fully awake, drowsy or fully asleep. The SleepHub® technologies were developed from further research into sleep and all of its complexities. The more we understood sleep, the more fully we realised that we could apply the research that we had undertaken for students and employ that to help people who have difficulty sleeping, and help improve quality of sleep.

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