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Resmed Airmini Accessories Bundle

Resmed Airmini Accessories Bundle

The Resmed AirMini Accessories Bundle is the perfect companion for your Resmed AirMini CPAP machine, offering a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your sleep therapy experience. This all-inclusive bundle is designed to provide convenience, comfort, and effective maintenance, ensuring you get the most out of your portable CPAP device.


Bundle Includes:

  • AirMini Travel Bag: A durable and stylish bag designed to securely hold your AirMini CPAP machine, tubing, and mask. Its compact design makes it easy to pack and carry, perfect for frequent travelers.

  • HumidX Waterless Humidifiers: Innovative waterless humidification systems that provide effective humidification without the need for water, reducing the risk of rainout and offering a more comfortable therapy experience. 

  • AirMini Filters (2-pack): A set of high-quality disposable filters designed to keep your therapy air clean by capturing dust, pollen, and other allergens. These filters are easy to replace and essential for maintaining the hygiene of your CPAP machine.


Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Portability: All accessories are designed to maximize the portability of your AirMini CPAP machine, making it easier to travel with and use in various environments.
  • Improved Comfort: The HumidX waterless humidifiers and the ergonomic design of the tubing and mounting system contribute to a more comfortable and effective sleep therapy experience.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: The included filters and convenient travel bag help you maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your AirMini device, ensuring optimal performance.


The Resmed AirMini Accessories Bundle is an essential kit for anyone using the AirMini CPAP machine, providing all the necessary tools to ensure a comfortable, effective, and convenient sleep therapy experience wherever you go.

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