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PPE Considerations for safe business reopening

COVID 19 has changed our lives in many ways. While we try find normalcy and businesses start to reopen, business owners have a duty to protect their staff with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as more return to work. It is a big responsibility if you are a business owner, safety officer or the procurement team tasked to provide the necessary equipment to keep your company safe, especially when you do not have prior knowledge on what PPE is needed nor what does the quality differences mean for your business.

If you are one of the many who wished you have access to expert advice on PPE selection for your business, gain access to this exclusive webinar, conducted by Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dr. Leong Hoe Nam by clicking on the link below to receive the recording!


- Suitable for all business sectors

- Business owners

- Procurement/Purchasing team

- Human Resource team

- Safe Management officers

- Safety committee members


- Basic guidelines on PPE planning for your business

- When to wear what kind of PPE

- Are N95, goggles, Faceshields, gowns, gloves necessary for my business?

- How to choose safe & quality PPE?

- Personal PPE Tips from Dr. Leong Hoe Nam

QnA Session

- Dr Leong answered many questions in the webinar, including giving his tips and views for many sectors including Hotels, Charity organisations, General Office, Reception and even music industry.

Be responsible for your business safety

For more information, email to

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