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How Sleeping Positions and Pillows Can Cause Neck and Back Pain

Singaporean adults suffer from low back pain to an extent that affects up to 80% of them, according to the National Neuroscience Institute. When it comes to neck and back pain, many factors are in your control. Sleeping positions, posture and pillows can contribute to your neck and back pain. By changing your sleeping habits, you may find relief.

Neck And Back Pain Causes

For some people, the problem with their neck and back pain is that they are not getting adequate rest. Poor sleep can interfere with healing. Even if you are not suffering from a medical condition, poor quality of sleep can affect your health. Chronic pain, for example, can lead to poor sleep and increase your risk of depression.

Other factors that can contribute to pain are daytime activities that involve slouching or twisting your neck. For instance, if you're constantly texting and watching television, you could be injuring your neck. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time driving, you could be adding stress to your neck and back muscles.

Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on your side or back is the best position for your neck. This position aligns your spine and reduces stress on the cervical spine. It is also a comfortable position for pregnant women.

Sleeping on your stomach can cause pain in your neck and upper back muscles. If you're having trouble with this, try to get up and move around before going to bed. Moving your body can ease tension in your neck and lower back, and it can help you sleep more deeply.

Using Pillows

Using a pillow under your neck can help you sleep in a more neutral position. Make sure that your pillow is a flat one that supports your head and neck. You can find these pillows in different sizes and shapes. If your pillow is too high, you can tilt your head upward and put pressure on your neck and nerves. Alternatively, you can use a pillow that is slightly higher than your neck, but not so high that you feel like you are sleeping on an airplane.

Another option is to invest in a memory foam pillow or Natural Latex Pillow. These pillows are designed to conform to the shape of your head. They will prevent you from rolling on your stomach or slouching on your side. In addition, these pillows will keep your head in the correct position.

Other Tips To Relieve And Prevent Pain

Another way to relieve neck or back pain is to use a heating pad or ice pack before bedtime. While it is not recommended to overdo it, you can place the heat or ice on your neck for a short time. Just make sure that you don't sleep with the ice on your skin. Our body will need restorative sleep to recover from neck or back pain. Taking care of your body through exercise and good nutrition will help you stay healthy. If you are on a long-distance drive, take frequent breaks from these driving activities. Also, you can train your body to maintain a neutral position while you're sitting.

Whether you suffer from neck or back pain or simply want to improve the way you sleep, these tips will help you get a better night's sleep. By learning more about your condition and making small changes to your bed, you can alleviate pain and find relief. If your neck or back pain is causing a sleep disorder condition, you can consult your doctor or contact The Air Station for a sleep apnea test and treatment. If you're interested in purchasing a pillow, click here to browse the benefits and advantages of a natural latex pillow.



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