Sofzsleep Infant Pillow in Box
  • Sofzsleep® Infant Pillow

    It is quite common for babies to have stuffy noses, due to allergies or colds. Babies are too young to clear their small nostrils, possibly resulting in affected sleep and indirectly, the way they feed.


    Our Infant Pillow is made from 100% latex with an open cell structure containing millions of miniscule interconnected micro-cells.


    This feature is unique to latex bedding, promoting optimal air and moisture circulation which are essential for a safe, cool and healthy sleep environment.


    The unique design of this pillow allows the infant’s head to be elevated ever so slightly to ease breathing, reducing respiration difficulties from blocked noses.


    Infant Pillow – recommended for ages from 0 to 12 months.


    Size Guide

    INFANT - 36cm (L) 25cm (W) 2.5cm (Thick)


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