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Speco Nano Spray
  • Speco Nano Spray

    SKU: A-SNS-NS-NC-050M-1-001

    Introducing Speco Care Pack, suitable for personal use or travel. Sanitise your bed, pillow or CPAP mask before use every night. The Speco Nano Classic can hold up to 50ml, making it suitable for air travel!


    Use Less, Do More

    • Binds to surfaces and continuously kills germs, even after you do regular cleaning over it. Can also be used as a hand sanitiser.
    • Non-cytotoxic, free from heavy metals and safe for everything you care about—pets, babies, delicate materials, and the environment.


    Every bottles of refill are prepared by APSN, hence it makes a great gift idea for your families and friends. Pairing Speco Essential with our Speco Nano Classic to create an even antiviral coating on your belongings. When paired, a 250 ml bottle can last more than 10 months.


    Note: This product is pre-filled with 50ml of Speco Essential Solution.

    • Product Information

      • Environmentatlly friendly applicator is refillable.
      • Optimim coverage, mist reduces product wastage.
      • Easy to use. Press twice to start, once to stop.
    • Maintenance

      • Pop the rubber stopper off to fill your Speco Nano Classic from the top. Press twice to start, once to stop.
      • Charge for 30 mins with USB cable. It’s done charging when the red light goes off.
    • Optional Accessories

      • Speco Essential (250ml) Hand & Surface Protection
    • Warranty

      • 30 Day Warranty (Applicator)
    • Country of Origin

      • Singapore
    Tax Included
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