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AYO Glasses Circadian Rhythm Trainer
  • AYO Glasses Circadian Rhythm Trainer


    Sleep Better, Boost Energy, Embrace Wellness

    Become healthier, happier, and more active with the World’s First Circadian Health Wearable.


    Meet AYO

    Achieve your health and wellness goals by using your own biology and the power of circadian light therapy.


    Supported by Science and Research

    Numerous clinical studies and over 20 years of Chronobiology and Light Therapy research performed in leading institutions, including Harvard, Oxford and NASA, have shown that we can actively support our circadian rhythm in order to obtain healthier, happier and more active lives. These disciplines and insights are the cornerstone of Circadian Health.


    Clinically-backed health and wellness benefits

    AYO is a science-based company advised by some of the world’s leading experts and researchers like Prof. Dr. Thomas Kantermann. As pioneers in the novel field called Circadian Health, we are helping reshape the foundation of health and wellness. We are committed to working with research and clinical partners and are actively collaborating on clinical studies.


    AYO is taking part in over 10 scientific studies and two have been already 2 published, showing AYO to help improve sleep quality, reduce sleep problems and improve performance.


    95% of the world’s population experiences health problems and 60% has difficulties with sleep*.


    More than 70% of people suffer from circadian disruption. This is linked to:

    • Sleep Problems due to misaligned circadian rhythm often is associated with difficulties falling asleep, waking up and excessive daytime sleepiness.

    • Low Energy due to circadian rhythm disorders are associated with fatigue and reduced cellular energy production.

    • Weight Gain caused by an irregular circadian rhythm greatly contributes to obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders.

    • Low Mood due to circadian disruption often contributes to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

    • Aging due to out-of-sync circadian rhythm is associated with aging and morbidity while good circadian health is paramount to longevity.

    • Every modern disease linked to circadian rhythm from cardiovascular disorders to cancer. Sounds incredible? Just Google “circadian rhythm” + any ailment.


    *According to The Lancet and the National Sleep Foundation. 

    • Product Information

      • 1 x AYO Wearable
      • 1 x Case - Premium
      • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable

      How it works

      1. Discover your body’s natural rhythm by downloading the AYO app to learn about your Circadian Health and find out if you are in sync with your biological clock. Discover your body’s unique sleep-wake cycle and natural sleep need as well as how your natural rhythm impacts your everyday life.

      2. Align your lifestyle with your biology which AYO automatically works to align your lifestyle with your circadian rhythm for better sleep, more energy, and improved health. Enjoy personal recommendations for light exposure, optimal sleep-wake times, mealtimes and many more!

      3. Use AYO to awaken body and mind with gentle blue light that stimulates the eyes, boosts your mood and raises energy levels just like a beautiful sunny day outside.

      4. Stay in-sync and thrive with the AYO app will keep you motivated all year long through seasonal and lifestyle changes. Feel long-lasting improvements as you experience a healthier, happier you.

    • Maintenance

      Please follow the steps below to ensure correct placement of your AYO wearable in/out the case. 

      • Open the AYO case by pushing gently on top and sliding the RIGHT side of the case out.
      • Put the AYO wearable gently in the AYO case and slide it in, so it fits the holding place. Make sure the AYO arms are folded with the LEFT arm on the outside. 

      When you receive your AYO, the device will have barely any battery left or none. Therefore, charging the AYO wearable before the first use is recommended.

      If the AYO wearable blinks 5 times when opening it, it requires charging.

      To charge your AYO, connect the USB-C charging cable to the left arm of AYO on one side, and to your laptop or external power adapter (to a power wall) on the other. During charging, the blue light on the left arm of the wearable (where the AYO emblem is) will start blinking to indicate charging is in progress. Once the charge is full or the cable is disconnected, the light indicator will stop blinking. A full charge takes about 3 hours.

      Low Battery Indication

      AYO will flash 5 times to indicate low battery and turn OFF automatically when the battery level becomes critically low. Once the battery status is low, please recharge your AYO before further use. 

      It is advisable to recharge your device at least once a week to ensure optimal operational performance and battery health.

      AYO can hold up to 7 sessions of 20 minutes each (140 mins in total) before requiring full recharge.  

      IMPORTANT: The AYO wearable cannot be used while charging. 

      • Make sure the wearable fits securely and tightly in the holding place in the case.
      • Close the AYO case by sliding in the RIGHT side of the case back in place. Make sure it clicks securely.
    • Optional Accessories

      • None
    • Warranty

      • 1 Years Manufacturers Warranty
    • Country of Origin

      • China
    Tax Included
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