AirMini works with experienced doctors in Singapore. We work together to ensure quality care and successful therapy.

Dr. Leong Hoo KWong


Gilead Ear Nose & Throat Centre

Area of Focus:

  • Otology & Neuro-otology

  • Endoscopic sinonasal and skull base surgery

  • Ear Nose and Throat Allergies

  • Treatment for snoring and sleep disordered breathing

  • Paediatric ENT

  • Head and Neck Tumour Surgery

Dr. Jason Hwang


Care Sinus Snoring Ent Centre

Area of Focus:

  • Recurrent Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

  • Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Ear Infection and Hearing Loss

  • Giddiness and Tinnitus

  • Hoarse Voice and Voice Disorders

  • Neck Lumps and Thyroid Nodules

  • Salivary Gland, Disease and Tumors

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