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ZEEPAP Nasal Dilator
  • ZEEPAP Nasal Dilator

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    Zeepap® Nasal Dilator is a comfortable and effective alternative for opening up your nasal passages. It fits directly into your nostrils, providing gentle and comfortable expansion without any discomfort. Once you wear Zeepap, you will experience a reduction in your snoring and that you can breath easily and effortlessly. 


    If you suffer from nasal congestion, snoring, or simply want to breathe more easily during physical activity, Zeepap® is your solution. 


    Why Zeepap?

    Easy-to-use solution: Effortlessly reduce snoring for immediate comfort and restful sleep

    Flexible Comfort Fit: Accommodate various nasal sizes and available in 3 resistance levels for optimal results.

    Sleep Routine Friendly: Easy to get into the habit of using Zeepap regularly.


    Suitable for people:

    • With snoring problems
    • With breathing difficulties or blocked noses during sleep


    How it works:

    As the sleeper exhale, the air that passes through the valve is limited due to the resistance from the valve and pressure is created in the nasal passage. This prompts the airway to remain open during inhalation, increasing the amount of air that enters the nose. Thus, reducing snoring and also periods of lapsed breathing during sleep.


       How to pick a suitable resistance?   
    BMI <25, you should consider starting on M1 resistance. 
    BMI >25 and above, you can consider the M2 resistance. 
    BMI = 30 and above, you can consider going up to M3 resistance.


    Disclaimer: Above serves only as a general guideline. As breathing and snoring issues differs in individual, you may need to adjust the Zeepap resistance selection over time. You may chat with us to learn more too!

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