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Sleep Ring (THIM0290)
  • Sleep Ring (THIM0290)

    SKU: RT37000

    The smart ring to fall asleep faster.


    The first smart ring to deliver intensive sleep re-training. 

    When ready for bedtime – place THIM on any finger. THIM will emit a soft vibration to gently wake you soon after you have fallen asleep. 


    Falling asleep, repeatedly, can condition you to sleep better. Each attempt at falling asleep and then waking up is called a sleep trial. In University studies, sleep trials have been shown in most people to reduce to improve sleep. THIM delivers these sleep trials during the first 1-hour of your bedtime. In the morning , most users do not remember being woken. This is because drifting between the earliest stages of the sleep cycle are subtle.


    These naps are delivered during the first stage of your sleep cycle – typically the first hour of bedtime. After this, you’re able to enjoy a long nights rest. This conditioning program is a simple technique used by sleep clinics for over 10 years. Our team worked with Professor Leon Lack (Flinders University of Australia) to imbed this program into a wearable device which you can use in your own home.


    From the sleep lab

    Published insomnia research from the scientists demonstrates that on average, users experienced a:

    • 28 minute reduction in time awake 
    • 30 minute reduction in sleep onset latency
    • 67 minute increase in total sleep duration 


    Track your sleep & monitor progress  

    Much like a FitBit sleep tracker, THIM uses movement to track sleep. But THIM collects data from your finger, not your wrist. Your finger provides a greater range  of movement. THIM captures this extra movement and interprets those results through a unique sleep-tracking algorithm. 

    These results are displayed on the dashboard of your smart phone so you can see how THIM is improving your sleep – and how lifestyle choices also affect your sleep and performance. 


    Specifically, your dashboard will show: 

    • Sleep efficiency score. 85% or above is considered an excellent score. 
    • Sleep onset latency (time taken to fall asleep each night) 
    • Stages of sleep and their duration 
    • Frequency and duration of waking episodes 
    • Kit Inclusions

      Sizing Universal – 4 interchangeable band sizes included
      Battery Integrated rechargeable 26 mAh lithium-ion battery
      Colour Arctic White
      Charging Mini-USB cable (included)

      The app is free for both iOS and Android. THIM requires Android (operating system 7 or later) or iOS (operating system 11 or later).

    • Warranty

      1 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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