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Sofzsleep® Classic Pillow
  • Sofzsleep® Classic Pillow

    The Sofzsleep Classic Pillow is the ideal choice for you if you tend to sleep on your stomach or for young children. Made with pure natural latex, the Classic Pillow offers balanced firmness and constant airflow, ensuring that you stay cool throughout your sleep.


    With the perfect combination of pure natural latex and bamboo yarn, users are promised a comfortable sleep:

    • Avoid over-stretching your neck and reducing pressure on muscle tension.
    • Made with natural anti-bacterial, antifungal and odour resistant fibre.
    • Ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
    • Suitable for adults, teenagers and children above 5 years old.


    Maximum Safety

    100% Safe - Our Pillow is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed rubber plantations. Manufactured in Belgium, all Sofzsleep products, including baby pillow, pass stringent quality and hygiene checks to ensure the safety of your child. 


    Maximum Breathability

    Natural latex features an open-cell structure that permits constant airflow. Furthermore, the pillow is constructed with multiple pinholes for added ventilation. This helps to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature and maximum breathability, ensuring that your baby stays naturally cool throughout the night (perfect for Singapore’s warm tropical climate). It also comes with outer Bamboo fibre fabric which is 4 times more permeable than cotton fabric.


    Keep Allergies at Bay

    Antibacterial & Antimicrobial - Microorganisms such as bacteria, dust mites, fungi and mildew can create an unsafe sleeping environment for your child. However, pure latex is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial resistant, making it an excellent choice for babies and children with allergies or sensitive skin.


    Includes Sofzsleep Bamboo Cover.

    • Product Information

      • Firmness: Medium
      • Size: 60 x 40 cm (23.5″ x 15.5″)
      • Thickness: 12.5 cm (5”)
      • Ideal for back and stomach sleepers
      • Avoid over-stretching your neck and reducing pressure on muscle tension.
      • Oekotex® and Eurolatex certified natural latex, toxic-free with no formaldehyde.
      • No off-gassing of noxious fumes.
      • Natural bamboo cover with anti-bacterial and antifungal properties with superb breathability makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
      • Swiss antimicrobial Sanitized® cover prevents the development of molds, dust mites and fungi that could result in spots and odors.
      • Easy removable cover for cleaning.
    • Maintenance

      Our pillow/bolster is made with 100% pure latex, without any polyurethane foam, coconut sheets or metal springs.

      • Sometimes the pillow/bolster has a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and disappears over time.
      • Airing and vacuuming the pillow/bolster helps to eliminate the smell faster.
      • Keep latex pillow/bolster away from direct sunlight.

      Care instructions for Bamboo cover

      • Do not tumble dry
      • Do not soak
      • Do not bleach
      • Do not iron
      • Dry Clean
      • Machine wash below 30℃ on a delicate setting; shrinkage may occur
      • To prolong the pillow’s life, you can consider getting a pillow protector or extra pillow cover.
      • Generally, pillows should be changed every two to three years for hygiene reasons.
      • Latex pillows are more durable than other types (polyester, for example), maintaining support for longer without a reduction in comfort.
    • Warranty

      • Not Applicable
    • Country of Origin

      • Belgium
    Tax Included
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