• NASK SMART MASK (Single Pack)

    NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask - researched, designed and manufactured in Hong Kong, provides higher protection than an N95 respirator with the comfort of a light weight surgical mask.

    * The Smart Mask Nanofiber construction provides a wide spectrum of protection. It is capable of trapping viruses, killing bacteria as
    well as filtering dangerous PM2.5 particulate contaminants.


    How does the Smart Mask work?

    * The Smart Masks utilises Patented Nanofiber technology to create an incredibly thin mask for much better breathability.
    * A unique formula is used during the creation process which incorporates anti-bacterial technology into the mask.


    Why use Nanofibers?

    * Nanofibers are extremely thin – they are approximately 1/1 000 th the thickness of a human hair
    * Nanofibers represent a higher surface area which increases filtration efficiency
    * The nano fibre material, though water proof, is air porous offering lower air resistance whilst remaining incredibly light


    How does the Smart Mask compare to surgical masks?

    * Surgical masks are only designed to stop blood, droplets and small particles produced when infected people cough or sneeze

    * NASK Nanofiber Smart Mask performs the same role but with the added function of providing a high level of protection to the wearer by trapping viruses and killing bacteria


    How is the Smart Mask unique?

    * The NASK Smart Mask is the only mask available to use the patented nanotechnology fibres with the unique bacteria killing function adding to its ability to protect the user.


    Is The NASK Smart Mask comfortable to wear?

    * The NASK Smart Mask utilises Patented Nanotechnology to create a light-weight, odourless and breathable face mask
    * It is essentially no thicker than a regular surgical mask offering comfortable and effective protection all day long.


    Will I be able to breath easily?

    * Yes! The NASK Smart Masks’ testing airflow rate is 85L/min
    # sleeping requires 6L/min, walking 14-26 L/min and maximum exertion 65-100 L/min


    Is the Smart Mask NIOSH / CE approved?

    * The Smart Mask has a N95 filtering face-piece respirator (TC-84A-776) certified by NIOSH, US and is the first NIOSH approved nanofiber N95 mask


    What is the difference between NIOSH & CE regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) standard / requirements?

    * The major difference between NIOSH and CE is that the former is a US system whereas CE is a European system

    NIOSH is part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is responsible for the approval of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used in the workplace
    CE is the regulatory requirements to be complied under the European Union (EU) before the PPE products are to be marketable in EU markets
    * Another difference is that NIOSH will perform only 2 tests : Filtration Efficiency Test on NaCl & Breathability Test (Inhal and Exhal); CE certified respirators will go through more tests in a vigorous way as follow :
    – Filtration Efficiency by Sodium Chloride particles > 99%
    – Filtration Efficiency by Oily particles > 95%
    – Breathing Resistance (Inhalation / Exhalation)
    – Practical Performance (Compatibility with skin / Easy in maintaining mask in place)
    – Total Inward Leakage (Face Sealing Fit Test)
    – Carbon Dioxide Content of Inhalation Air
    – Flammability

    Where is the NASK Smart Mask made?

    * The NASK Smart Mask is researched, designed and manufactured in Hong Kong


    Technologies and inventions patented in the U.S., China, HK, Europe and Japan
    2018 R&D 100 Award (The Oscars of Invention) Finalist from over 3,000 entries all over the world
    NIOSH N99 / CE FFP3 grade (proven by the test results of Nelsen Labs, US and BSI, UK)
    Medical device (Passed the Type IIR level required by EU medical device EN14683)
    4D Design
    Ear-loop; Easy to wear
    Single piece per pack, hygiene and safe to use

    - 1 Size 


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