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Prisma25ST BiLevel ST Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA
  • Prisma25ST BiLevel ST Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA

    Get maximum flexibility with settings or indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES). prisma25ST leaves room for the right tailor-made solution based on patient needs. It is perfect for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. The automatic back-up frequency, simple operation with touch technology and many process and comfort-promoting functions make prisma25ST a reliable, effective and whisper-quiet BiLevel ST therapy device made in Germany.


    The Prisma25ST BiLevel AutoS/T device functions similarly to other devices in the premium prismaLINE, offering intutitive navigation and parameter setting to simplify and accelerate user operation. Featuring maximum flexibility for indication specific pre-settings (SCOPES), the prisma25ST provides for individually tailored solutions. The device is ideal for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. Equipped with automatic backup frequency option, apnea differentiation by FOT/FBT, and many process and comfort supporting features including the leading edge TriLevel principle, through which the Prisma25ST provides outstanding BiLevel or TriLevel spontaneous/time triggered treatment with efficacy, quietness, and reliability.


    The standard supply schedule includes a pollen filter (replace monthly) and coarse filter (replace every 6 months) and replace your mask every 6 to 12 months for continued therapy comfort.


    Key Features:

    • Modes:

      • CPAP

      • APAP (autoCPAP) – 2 settings (standard & dynamic) on APAP, refer to Prisma20A for more information

      • BiLevel/TriLevel S [Spontanous] (with optional TriLevel principle)
      • BiLevel/TriLevel autoS [Spontaneous with auto algorithm] (with optional TriLevel principle)
      • BiLevel/TriLevel S/T [Spontaneous/Timed] (with optional TriLevel principle)
      • BiLevel/TriLevel autoS/T [Spontaneous/Timed with auto algorithm] (with optional TriLevel principle)
      • BiLevel/TriLevel aPCV [Assisted Pressure Control Ventilation] (with optional TriLevel Principle)
      • BiLevel/TriLevel T [Timed]
    • Stabilisation:

      • Broad pressure range from 4 to 25
      • FOT to distinguish central from obstructive apnoea
      • Automatic needs-oriented pressure adjustment in phases of high pressure variability (autoEEPAP, APAP)
      • Optional AutoF (Auto Frequency)
      • Synchronisation:

      • Optional auto Trigger (Trigger IN)
      • rampIN
    • Compliance & Comfort:

      • Mask test ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the mask even at rising pressure levels during the night.
      • Qualitative leakage display during therapy
      • High level of safety due to auto back up frequency or high fixed back up frequency.
      • Optionally with autoTRILevel principle
      • In CPAP/APAP Modes, SoftPAP (Pressure Relief) with 3 levels
      • AutoSTART & AutoSTOP as 2 independent functions depending on what suits the patient
      • Alarm clock function
      • Modern colour touch screen (no blue light). This display is intuitive and easy to navigate with SCOPES available for indication specific pre-settings.
      • Humidifier warm-up boost & humidification leak compensation via Smart Aqua Control (SAC)
      • 7 levels of humidification
      • Ability to preheat humidifier
    • Data Review:

      • Patient can review usage, AHI & leakage on device (if enabled by clinician)
      • Convenient data and device management with PC-software prismaTS. Clearly presented extensive statistical data & detailed signal view available.
      • SD card to optimize work processes
      • Micro-USB cable connection to device as another option for work processes
      • Language can be adjusted between patient and clinician menus
      • Optional modem for remote monitoring and setting of therapy parameters via Prisma CLOUD
    • Treatment Efficacy:

      • Advanced auto algorithm consistently achieves clinical efficacy (AHI<5/hr) with the following further clinical benefits (The Lowenstein Difference):
        • High accuracy of AHI detection via FOT/FBT (Forced Oscillation Technique or Forced Breath Technique)
        • Proactive algorithm regulation
        • Dynamic & Standard Algorithm Options (in APAP mode)
        • Stability of Pressure Adjustment – therapeutically effective with no unnecessary fluctuation
        • Efficiency of pressure – consistently low Pmax & Pmean
        • No compromise on clinical outcome with pressure relief functions, including optional leading-edge TriLevel principle capable of a closer pressure waveform mimic of respiratory flow, offering effective therapy with lower mean and max pressure levels.
      • Less high pressures and fluctuations causing mask leakage & therefore less arousals independent of AHI, users report being able to wear mask looser


    2 Years Manufacturer Warranty


    The Air Station appoints servicing with Easmed Pte Ltd - Authorised Service Centre by Löwenstein.

    • Kit Inclusions

      • Löwenstein prisma25ST device 
      • Löwenstein prismaLine CPAP therapy hose
      • SD Card for data recording (Installed)
      • Power Adapter and cable
      • Filter (Installed)
      • Premium Carry Bag
      • User manual
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