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  • Sofzsleep® Junior Bolster

    An excellent sleeping aid for children, providing a sense of comfort and security. Both comfort and security are major contributing factors for longer, uninterrupted sleep. Its versatility allows it to be used as a knee pillow, a bed wedge or as a leg raise to elevate the feet of restless babies.


    The “Soft” bolster uses our unique “Spaghetti Latex” composition. This natural latex filling gives our BOLSTER an ultra-soft feel while maintaining rigidity to prevent it from flattening like cotton or feather-filled bolsters. Our bolsters also inherit all the benefits of our latex products such as bacterial and dust mite resistance, even pressure distribution, and self-ventilating.


    A myriad of functions with numerous benefits, our bolsters are so much more than a tube-shaped pillow.


    Junior Bolster – recommended for ages from 6 months to 3 years.
    Kid Bolster – recommended for ages from 3 to 10 years.


    Size Guide

    Junior Bolster - 60cm (L) 10cm (W)