Virtual CPAP Trial Program

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Easmed / The Air Station is launching our Virtual CPAP Trial Program!


This program is an online platform where you can get in touch with our medical professional via GoToMeeting to answer all your inquiries about CPAP; how it works and how it will benefit you on your sleep health journey.


We will be coaching you everything you need to know about the CPAP Trial process and how to maximise your trial success.



This program is for all sleep apnea patients who want to know more about CPAP!



Our Clinical Application Specialists will be answering all your concerns and questions about how CPAP works, how it will benefit your sleep quality, and a virtual mask fitting!



So to all Sleep Apnea patients who want to know more about CPAP and how it works amid the threat of the virus, you may sign-up for this program at the safety of your homes!



*Virtual appointment will be confirmed within 24hours by our customer service personnel. Please contact if you do not receive within 24 hours.

    $25.00 Regular Price
    $12.50Sale Price

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