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Sofzsleep® Bolster

Our full-sized BOLSTERs are available in “Firm” and “Soft” plushness ratings.


The “Firm” bolster is made with a full cylindrical shaped premium latex mould. Its design grants it high levels of natural elasticity, allowing it to maintain structure and outliving competing fibre or feather-filled bolsters.

The “Soft” bolster uses our unique “Spaghetti Latex” composition. This natural latex filling gives our Bolsters an ultra-soft feel while maintaining rigidity to prevent it from flattening like cotton or feather-filled bolsters. Our bolster also inherits all the benefits of our latex products such as bacterial and dust mite resistance, even pressure distribution, and self-ventilating.


Support from a bolster helps promote good spinal alignment and healthy sleep.


Its versatility allows it to be used as a knee pillow, a bed wedge or as a leg raise to elevate the feet of pregnant mothers. Most recently, Sofzsleep® bolsters have been serving as Yoga tools, supporting the body in executing yoga poses to improves body posture.


Size Guide

BOLSTER​​​​​​​ - 95cm (L) 21cm (W)