Sofzsleep Bamboo Cover
  • Sofzsleep® Bamboo Cover

    Additional Bamboo Cover for your Sofzsleep® accessories.

    Need a little backup? Our additional Bamboo Covers feature our signature thermal-regulating and allergy-resistant properties. Rotating the Bamboo Covers in use will not only maintain hygiene levels, but also extends its life by reducing wear and tear.


    Made from natural bamboo fabric, our Bamboo Covers undergo strict quality checks with international certification to give you that extra confidence. Bamboo fibres are used for its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, ideal for people suffering from allergies. With high hygroscopicity (an ability to release moisture) and permeability (4 times that of cotton) combined with its softness and extreme strength, our Bamboo Covers guarantee an exceptional sleep.


    Available Sizes


    JUNIOR BOLSTER 60cm 10cm  
    NEW KID BOLSTER 75cm 15cm  
    ARC 60cm 38cm 13cm
    CLASSIC 60cm 40cm 12.5cm
    DESIGN 70cm 40cm 14cm
    CONTOUR 65cm 43cm 9/11.5cm
    TRAVEL CONTOUR 30cm 21cm 9/11cm
    TRAVEL CLASSIC 35cm 20cm 14cm
    JUNIOR S 44cm 26cm 6/6cm
    JUNIOR M 50cm 30cm 7/9cm
    INFANT 36cm 25cm 2.5cm
    DONUT 29cm 25cm 5cm
    BOLSTER 95cm 21cm

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